GI: Old Camp
GII: Night of the Raven: Bandits' Camp in Jarkendar


GI: Guard (Old Camp)
GII: Night of the Raven: Raven's right hand

Bloodwyn - a character from Gothic I and Gothic II: Night of the Raven.



Bloodwyn is a guard in Old Camp. He's patrolling the Camp - from the north gates, to the hill over the Market Place. At the first meeting with the Nameless Hero he wants 10 ore nuggets for the defense. If the Hero refuses, Bloodwyn will call Grim and Herek to kill the new convict. If the Hero agrees, Bloodwyn want the nuggets every day.

In Chapter IV, Bloodwyn is defending the southern gate. When he meets the Hero, he's not happy because of Hero's contacts with the New Camp, later Bloodwyn with other guards wants to kill Hero.

Gothic II: Night of the RavenEdit

After the fall of the barrier Bloodwyn becomes the right hand of Raven - a former ore baron, now the elect of Beliar. Bloodwyn is more aggresive and arogant. Only he can go to the Temple of Adanos. After the Hero kills the crawlers for Garaz, Bloodwyn is going to the mine. When Raven's right hand see the Hero, he wants to kill him. Bloodwyn dies in the duel. The Hero cuts off Bloodwyn's head in order to enter to the Temple.


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