Gothic has since the time it is installed (without any mods) cheats.

Cheats can be activated by pressing B and then typing MARVIN and then pressing B again. After the player activates cheats there will appear a text 'MARVIN MODE ACTIVATED' for a short time. The player can type cheats by pressing F2. But also after activating MARVIN MODE he can press O while pointing to NPC/Animal/monster to transform into it. You can also transform back into yourself the same way.

If the players hold down F8 while having MARVIN MODE he'll regain all his life and fly a bit up.

If the players press K he'll teleport forward no matter what kind of obstacle is beneath him. It's very useful if the player gets glitched into the wall and becomes stuck, or when he needs to escape fast.

If the player press H he will hit himself- it can be used after you transform into a foe to weaken it.

Code list:

Insert scavenger (spawns one scavenger)

Insert DIEGO_BOGEN (spawns 1 Diego's bow)

Cheat god_mode (makes the player invulerabile- you need to only type CHG after pressing F2- It'll type itself automaticly)

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