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Magician of Fire (Circle of Fire)
Magician of Fire (Old Camp)

Torrez was a Fire Mage who served beneath Corristo in the Old Camp.


Torrez was a servant of Innos, serving as a mage and trainer in the Circle of Fire. After the convict uprising, he joined up, along with all the other Fire Mages but one, with Gomez and his men in the Old Camp. For the temple of Innos, he was a trainer in magical arts as well as a merchant whom sold valuable goods. He was the second weakest of all the Fire Mages, just above Rodriguez. This mage spent most of his time in the temple courtyard, disscussing his ventures in the magic arts with Rodriguez. The Nameless Hero approached the two disscussing mages and asked where to find the High Magician of Fire and they told him to ask Milten.

When the Hero returned to Torrez, he informed him that he had delivered the letter he had recieved from another Fire Mage to Milten and Torrez thanked him for the service he had done for the Circle of Fire. Torrez then offered the Hero a reward of his choosing: a Ring of Power, a Ring of Lesser Dexterity, three spell scrolls, or a potion called Essence of the Spirit.